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Benefits of Astrology

Astrology gives you a portrait of yourself that is multi-faceted and multi-dimensional.

The Astrologer sees you as a physical, spiritual and emotional being, connected to others through family history, friends, loves, creativity and work. She sees you as a glowing, positive being filled with possibilities, a being on the hero's journey of life, with its challenges and opportunities unfolding through time. She sees energies more than events, possibilities more than inevitabilities, choices more than predetermination, tendencies more than fate.

The Planet Mercury in Dual Color Images

The benefits of astrology include seeing and accepting yourself in a profound way, and becoming in touch with the meaning and purpose of your life. The astrologer can name times of stress and times of growth, times to focus on work, health, relationships or play.

Armed with this knowledge, you make informed decisions about where and how to focus your energy. You relax and accept the moment, knowing how long a particular phase will last. You cease worrying or judging yourself for not being exactly as you were in the past, knowing that your current phase of growth or consolidation will lead to new levels of experience in the future.

You feel seen and accepted in a profound way. You see and accept yourself in a profound way. You feel fuller, more complex and more whole at the same time. You are in touch with the meaning and purpose of your life. You are confident taking the next step, knowing who you are and where you are on your path.

During your personal astrology reading, you will be given an in-depth interpretation of your chart with archetypal energies explained in relation to your life.

Your astrology reading can be provided in person at our New York studio, by telephone, by SKYPE (video or audio) or by an MP3 recording sent to you by email.

To arrange your personal astrological consultation, contact us now and give yourself or a loved one this empowering gift.

All planetary and space photographs obtained from the public domain NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).