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Your Astrology Reading

What happens during your astrology reading?

First, we begin with your Astrology Chart, the astronomically accurate picture of the sky at the moment of your birth, from the place of your birth. Then your reading begins. Your consultation will include an in-depth interpretation of your chart. Archetypal energies will be explained in relation to your life. This is what gives you a positive portrait from the cosmic perspective.

Chart for 2017, NYC
Chart for New Year 2018, NYC

You will be spoken to personally, either face to face in our New York City studio, on the phone, or via an audio file sent to you electronically. You will be able to ask questions about the issues of most importance to you now, and receive answers that are both sensitive and objective.

You will gain perspective on yourself and your life that spans past and future, your inner motivations, your external interactions, your talents and challenges. You will feel an expanded sense of self awareness, acceptance and purpose.

What Do I Need For My Astrology Reading?

An Astrological Consultation begins with your birth date, time and place. Most people will find these on a copy of their birth certificate, obtainable through their birth place's Hall of Records. The Astrologer takes these facts and enters them into an astrological computer program which calculates the exact positions of the Natal Chart. Depending on the client's wishes, further calculations may be made for transits, progressions or relationship charts, the comparison of your chart with someone else's.

There are a variety of ways the reading is conducted, in person, by telephone, by SKYPE (video or audio) or by email. Depending on the options chosen, the length of the reading and the extent of the information covered, fees will vary.

Contact us now to arrange your personal astrological consultation.

Carolyn Campora on RTVI

(Carolyn Campora gave a 2016 New Year astrological
talk on RTVI. The video below is in Russian. Carolyn's
segment starts at 2:50 and runs about one minute.)