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More About Kung Fu

Kung Fu is an ancient fighting art from China that develops physical, mental and spiritual benefits. It is a strict discipline that teaches self-defense skills and encourages a peaceful soul.

Nabi Su Kung Fu

Deeply Energizing, Dynamic
Kick, Punch, Block, Breathe

Nabi means Butterfly. This style incorporates the grace and unpredictability of the Butterfly into a cohesive kung fu system that expresses inwardly in self development and outwardly in self defense.

Nabi Su is the foundation form of this martial art, developing posture and internal power. You then begin the Shaolin Five Animals - Dragon, Crane, Snake, Tiger, Leopard - as well as Iron Palm. Later, Wing Chun, Hung Gar, Praying Mantis and Choy Li Fut forms are included.

Bo Practice

Weapons training begins with Escrima Sticks, followed by Sai and Bo. Advanced students learn Double-Edged Sword, Saber, Butterfly Knives, Fan as well as Jodo, the art of wooden staff against Japanese swords.

Shadow Hands and Sticking Hands are two-person exercises employing Nabi Su and Wing Chun forms to train multiple responses to attack. Sparring combines these techniques with moves from the Five Animal and other forms in freely expressive interplay.

Inner calm facilitates intuitive response to any event. Butterfly-like hand movements emanate from Nabi Su posture, creating a deceptively powerful defense system. Block and attack are one: simultaneous, interchangeable, universally applicable.


Nabi Su Kung Fu students benefit from an intensive training twice a year, on two consecutive weekends. Attendance at Nabi Su Kung Fu Seminar is limited to eligible current members of Nabi Su and invited emeritus members.

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