Nabi Su Tai Chi, Kung Fu & Wellness New York

Private Kung Fu Classes

Want to create a schedule that fits your needs, and changes when your needs change?

Private Kung Fu classes are available and can be flexibly scheduled for your convenience.

These classes comprise personalized Martial Arts training enriched with Meditation, Reiki, Chi Kung and other healing arts. Flexibly scheduled for your convenience, classes will be designed to meet your specific needs and goals in terms of skill, movement, posture, empowerment, understanding, stress reduction and health.

All private classes are taught personally by Master Campora in the Nabi Su studio at 365 Canal Street. You can arrange one or two sessions to meet a specific short term goal, or you can arrange a longer series of classes for an extensive individualized Martial Arts program.

You may begin today by contacting Master Campora to discuss your goals and start creating your own exclusive private training program.