Nabi Su Tai Chi, Kung Fu & Wellness New York

Seminar October 2017
Seminar, October 2017

Seminar March 2017
Seminar, March 2017

Seminar October 2016
Seminar, October 2016

Seminar March 2016
Seminar, March 2016

2018 Kung Fu Seminar Dates:
March 11 & 18
(Two Sundays)
October 7 & 14 (Two Sundays)

Sundays, 12 noon to 3 pm
Fee: $80

Hudson Guild Gymnasium
441 West 26th Street (between 9th and 10th Avenues)
New York, NY 10001

Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start.
Late arrival is not permitted.
Our atmosphere is formal during Seminar.

Seminar October 2015
Seminar, October 2015

Seminar March 2015
Seminar, March 2015

Seminar March 2014
Seminar, March 2014

Seminar October 2014
Seminar, October 2014

Seminar October 2014
Seminar, October 2014

Nabi Su Kung Fu students who have completed their first two forms are invited to Seminar. Each Seminar comprises two days of intensive training. On the second day, those eligible for promotion are tested. Those who pass their tests are promoted to the next level. Seminar is a rite of passage, whether or not one is testing for promotion. All gain experience and skill in sparring while extending their physical and emotional endurance.

Kung Fu Sparring

Congratulations to the following for advancement in Martial Arts and Inner Development:

Seminar October 2017
Brown Belt, Leopard: Sean
Green Belt, Dragon: Joia
Green Belt, Dragon: Joe

Seminar March 2017
Brown Belt, Tiger: Sean

Seminar October 2016
Brown Belt, Iron Palm: Sean
Green Belt, Snake: Mimi
Green Belt, Snake: David

Seminar March 2016
Green Belt, Snake: Sean

Seminar October 2015
Black Belt, 1st Degree: Till

Seminar March 2015
Brown Belt, Leopard: Till
Green Belt, Crane: Sean
Green Belt, Crane: Samantha

Seminar October 2014
Brown Belt, Tiger: Widad
Brown Belt, Tiger: Till
Green Belt, Snake: Ira

Seminar March 2014
Black Belt, 1st Degree: Rebecca
Brown Belt, Iron Palm: Till
Brown Belt, Iron Palm: Eva
Green Belt, Crane: Ira
Green Belt, Dragon: Sean
Green Belt, Dragon: Samantha

Seminar October 2013
Black Belt, 2nd Degree: Dennis
Green Belt, Dragon: Ira

Seminar March 2013
Green Belt, Snake: Till
Green Belt, Snake: Eva

Seminar September 2012
Brown Belt, Leopard: Rebeca

Seminar May 2012
Brown Belt, Tiger: Rebeca
Green Belt, Crane: Till
Green Belt, Crane: Eva

Seminar January 2012
Green Belt, Dragon: Till
Green Belt, Dragon: Eva

Seminar September 2011
Black Belt, 1st Degree: Nylia, Brian
Brown Belt, Iron Palm: Rebeca
Green Belt, Snake: Tiziana
Green Belt, Crane: Sheldon

Seminar May 2011
Green Belt, Snake: Rebeca
Green Belt, Dragon: Sheldon

Seminar January 2011
Brown Belt, Leopard: Nylia, Brian

Seminar September 2010
Black Belt, 1st Degree: Dennis
Brown Belt, Tiger: Nylia, Brian
Green Belt, Crane: Rebeca

Seminar May 2010
Brown Belt, Leopard: Dennis
Brown Belt, Iron Palm: Nylia, Brian, Widad
Green Belt, Dragon: Mi Jin, Rebeca

Seminar January 2010
Brown Belt, Tiger: Dennis
Green Belt, Crane: Tiziana
Green Belt, Dragon: Jim

Seminar September 2009
Brown Belt, Iron Palm: Dennis
Green Belt, Snake: Brian, Widad

Seminar May 2009
Green Belt, Snake: Nylia, Dennis
Green Belt, Crane: Brian, Widad
Green Belt, Dragon: Tiziana

Seminar January 2009
Black Belt, 1st Degree: Michelle
Brown Belt, Tiger: Dzu
Green Belt, Snake: Miles
Green Belt, Crane: Nylia, Dennis
Green Belt, Dragon: Brian, Widad

Seminar September 2008
Brown Belt, Iron Palm: Dzu
Green Belt, Dragon: Nylia, Dennis

Seminar May 2008
Paul Spangler: Tai Chi Advanced, 5th Degree
Jason Perri: Black Belt, 4th Degree
Maya: Black Belt, 4th Degree
David Terry: Black Belt, 3rd Degree
Mary Vaccaro: Black Belt, 3rd Degree
Damien Johnson: Black Belt, 2nd Degree
Mike Poppleton: Black Belt, 1st Degree

Nabi Su Kung Fu Seminar is exclusively for eligible current members of Nabi Su and invited emeritus members.

We have been privileged in recent Seminars with attendance by members of the extended Nabi Su family, practitioners of Yun Mu Kwan and Nabi Su who continue our shared traditions in their areas. Thank you all for enhancing the experience of the New York Nabi Su students.

It is enriching for all to interact within the communality of our history and traditions. We deeply appreciate the value of the rich wisdom of our comrades. May we continue to expand our knowledge and experience together.

View our Nabi Su photo album to see photos from past Seminars.