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Your Resonance Repatterning® Session

When you make your appointment for your first Resonance Repatterning session, you might do so with a specific goal or problem in mind, or you might simply have a vague feeling that something is "not right" or "stuck." After discussing your goals or feelings at the beginning of the session, you and the practitioner will direct the exact focus of the session using your body's own resonance. This is accomplished with a combination of unique step-by-step procedures, discussions and muscle checking.

RR Session

During the session, the practitioner maintains neutrality, simply assessing the next step based upon the responses given by you. This often leads to unexpected results and new directions. As ineffective and often debilitating patterns are uncovered, you may be surprised to find that although you were conscious of some, many more were unconscious. Once uncovered, various self-healing modalities may be employed. When there are several differing patterns to be worked on, the one that you are most ready to experience and would be most beneficial to you at the time is always chosen.

RR Session

The goal of Resonance Repatterning is to move to a higher state of coherence and functioning. Directed by your body's own responses, your old patterns are transformed into new and more "coherent" resonances that increase your well-being and allow you the freedom to obtain your deepest goals.

Often so much is accomplished a single session that one session is all you need. Several sessions are recommended when new patterns need stabilization or when more areas of work are required. The average session time is 70 minutes. Your actual session time may vary in duration depending on your needs.

What is Muscle Checking?

Muscle checking uses bio-feedback, the autonomic nervous system's muscular response, to identify if a person "resonates with" or is in harmony or agreement with a particular idea or feeling at that particular moment in time. To do the muscle check, the practitioner most commonly touches an area just above the client's wrist. There are other methods of muscle checking that do not involve any touch of the wrist or arm at all - these other methods are used when the client is not able to be physically present, such as during a telephone or other long distance session.

Resonance Repatterning Session Availability

Resonance Repatterning (RR) sessions are available by appointment and a series of sessions can be designed especially for you. For your convenience, sessions can be conducted in person at our Manhattan studio, by telephone, by Skype (audio/video), or by proxy sessions, which may be done for you at times when you are unable to participate in a session.

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