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Tai Chi and Chi Kung: What is Chi Kung?

Chi Kung (also known as Qi Gong) can be translated as "breath work" and is a type of energy cultivation. There are thousands of Chi Kung exercises and many different Chi Kung styles. What most styles of Chi Kung have in common is that they are composed of gentle breathing and movement exercises that promote overall well being.

Is Chi Kung a Martial Art?

Chi Kung exercises are generally considered to be part of the internal martial arts. "Internal Martial Arts" is a very loose term that refers to those martial arts that emphasize breathing, slower movements and joint strength. Tai Chi is a good example of an internal martial art. Many martial arts have Chi Kung exercises.

What are the benefits of Chi Kung exercises?

The most common benefits of performing Chi Kung exercises are greater relaxation, improved stress management and an increased sense of well being.

How do we teach Chi Kung?

Chi Kung is incorporated into our Tai Chi and Kung Fu practices. Tai Chi may be considered a fusion of Chi Kung and martial arts. Our Kung Fu could be considered a dynamic form of Chi Kung. Our sitting meditation, Zazen, is a breath and posture exercise, which is the essence of Chi Kung.

Chi Kung movements are incorporated into all of our classes. These are powerful exercises that are meant to be felt. Through Chi Kung your posture, breathing and energy are all improved; Chi Kung supports the focus of our entire practice.

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